Overview of Workshops and Seminars

Prayer & Spiritual Life

• Introduction to Centering Prayer

• Deepening your Prayer Life

• Forgiveness: *Essential Christianity*

• Real Love: *Practical Christianity*

• Contemplative Prayer: 

                   *Quiet Christianity*

• Lectio Divina: Deep Bible Reading

• Ignatian Prayer of St. Ignatius 

• The Welcoming Prayer

• Intro to the Enneagram: 

                  Spiritual Personality Insights

• Intro to Spiritual Gifts for all

• Sacramental Living as Jesus Lived

Leadership & Church life

        (Detailed descriptions below)

• Discern Mission/Vision/Core Values 

• Small Accountability Groups 

                       Initial Set Up and Renewal

• Worship and Hospitality training

•  Simplified Local Church Structure 

                     for the 21st Century (UMC)

• Discern Spiritual Gifts for Leadership

• Sacramental Living for Leaders

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Discernment/Issues for Local Church Outreach

• Loneliness: Crisis and Opportunity

• Sexuality and Christian Identity

• Global Warming: What Can We do?

• Racism: Churches can turn the Tide

• Heaven is more than your think: 

       Changing your "Chronos" to "Kairos"

• Elections and Political Involvement

REMEMBER: all our workshops and seminars are on a Free-Will Offering basis. No fees or charges to the local church. (A milage donation would be very much appreciated.)

Discern Mission/ Vision/ Core Values

When you invite new friends to your church, what are you inviting them to? 

• Do you have a clear understanding of the overall mission of the church?  

• What is the particular VISION for your local congregation.

• And HOW are you going to get there?

Every Church needs to re-evaluate their Mission/Vision/Core Values every 3-5 years to keep on top of changing demographics and emerging issues. 

When was the last time you sat as a local church to evaluation and plan?

Small Accountability Groups Resurrection Families

Have you built into your church culture the powerhouse of the Wesleyan movement: Accountable Small Groups?

• Are your small groups alive and vital 

    with spiritual transformation 

    as well as mission outreach?

• Do you have a maintainable way 

    to keep them strong and vital?

• Looking for a way to initiate 

    a new and revitalized 

    Small Group framework?

Is the heart of your congregation healthy?  How many new small groups have you started in the last 18 months?

Worship & Hospitality

The Act of Worshipping our God extends beyond the room you meet in.

• What do new guest experience 

    as they drive in and walk to your door?

• Has your Webpage prepared them 

    for a powerful time 

    with your church family?

• What is your follow up 

    to help them know all that your offer?

• Do you have a regular training 

    for your Sunday Morning 

    "Hospitality Team?"

          - - - - - - - - - -

BONUS: "Mystery Worshipper"  A Sunday Morning evaluation visit is available to give you clear ideas about being more Hospitable..

Simplified Local Church Structure

•  Do you find yourself overwhelmed 

    by "maintenance" details and unable 

    to adequately see the whole picture? 

•  Do your ministries and outreach 

    efforts get "second class" statues 

    in leadership time and energy?

•  Do you feel you spend too much time 

    in meetings & not enough in ministry?

The UMC Book of Discipline allows for simple decision making and wise use of leadership resources. 

This workshop is perfect for the Leadership & Nominations Committee as well as your Church Council. 

Discern Spiritual Gifts

Paul listed holy gifts that God showers on all of us to build up the church.

They challenge us, empower us, and lead us into a stronger congregation, not inward focused, 

but outreach minded in all that it does.

A regular "50,000 mile" check-up of these Spiritual Gifts is a powerful way 

to renew our place in God's heaven 

and equip ALL your church participants 

for living TODAY 

in God's Heavenly presence.

   Exhortation, Faith, Giving

   Healing, Helps, Hospitality

   Intercession, Word of Knowledge

   Leadership, Mercy, Miracles

   Pastor/Shepherd, Prophecy

   Service, Teaching, Tongues &    

   Interpretation, Word of Wisdom

Sacramental Living for Leaders

Every leader (and every participant!)  of your congregation is given the opportunity to live in Heaven 

right here and now.

Jesus said at the very beginning of his ministry:

"The time has come!

   The Kingdom of God is near!

    Repent & believe/trust 

               the good news!"  

(Mk 1:9-11, Matt. 4:17, Lk 4:20-21, Jn 1:14)


   Yet we live out this freely given gift or let it completely transform us. 

    Explore the everyday, filled with the Holy Spirit life the Sacramental living gives us. 

Expectations & Honorariums

Workshops & Seminars Details

Forgiveness, Prayer, Spiritual Practices


Lectio Divina, Contemplative Prayer, Fasting, the Sacraments, Service and Outreach are but a few of the 2 hr. to full weekend experiences that we offer to help you and your church.  It is built on direct discussion that is an honest, trusting, deep conversation with other Christians... intended to help each other grow in holiness.  In this way a individuals, groups and congregations and discern God's Will together. 

Leadership, Visioning, and Sacramental Living


Leadership Development and Visioning in the Holy Spirit takes intentional care and a faithful focus. We are so used to a consumer culture that even church leadership is left to the "professionals".  Our trainings start with the basics: "Why would someone choose to become a leader" and cover Spiritual Gifts and Visioning.

Discernment of life / Issues that touch us all


Discerning God's will and then doing it is a crucial aspect of Christian discipleship.  

Using all the tools of Spiritual Practices, Accountability and Visioning, you can reach out and offer the Good News of the present of Jesus Christ to your community.  

Individuals, small groups, ministries and congregations can work together to let the Holy Spirit of God guide and strengthen them as they reach out to those around them hungry for more in life.

"Real Love" Weekends


"Real Love" is simply "Unconditional Love." 

We are called by Jesus to take our love to the highest level yet such a lofty goal is difficult to attain. Our immersions in Real Love take time, usually two weekends, but include Friday night, Saturday and Sunday morning involvements that leave a lasting impression.  Many people return to take our "Real Love" classes more than once.  It is life changing and spiritually transforming.

Small Accountability Groups


"Resurrection Families "are a unique, 21st century expression of the small accountability groups that powered the world-wide Methodist movement.  

In our day and age of epidemic loneliness, rapid technological change and shifting social relationships, Resurrection Families provide a familiar place to draw on the power of the Resurrection of Jesus and reclaim the solidarity of the family. 

"Finding My True Self"


"Finding My True Self" is an intensive personality journey applicable to all parts of your life. It is based on the Personality profile called "The Enneagram" and it opens up a comprehensive world of personality types that guide your faith life, family life and work relationships. 

The Enneagram is a spiritual/psychological tool of transformation to help us find our True Self”.  With it,  God patiently allows us each to discover new insights into who we are if we choose to.

We all are more than the sum of our parts: background, choices, genetics and environment. Deepen your understanding and your spiritual walk with us.