Resurrection Families

Resurrection Families


Accountable Small Groups have been at the heart of the Christian movement since day one.  John Wesley rediscovered the power of these groups and launched the Wesleyan Revival. 


This "Resurrection Power" can be unleased as we gather people into small group "families".

These groups provide an energized response to the epidemic of loneliness that is sweeping our nation leading to many social ills such as anxiety, depression and suicide.



Forgiveness, Unconditional Love, Honesty and rebuilding trust 

are at the heart of each and every 

Resurrection Family. 

Starting with a natural "affinity", 

individuals are gathered together 

into spiritual groupings that address their common interests, work to support and educate each other, 

and choose a yearly mission project,  

all deeply caring, accountable, and spiritual.

Shared Leadership


Leadership is shared so that no one faces "burn out."  There are three main roles: 

Content Ldr: provides  discussion content

Connection Ldr: Connects group members together, meets with Sm. Group. Coord.

Hospitality Leader: Provides all the logistics for a comfortable and well fed meeting!

Apprentice leaders for each of these three group leaders are identified as soon as possible and mentored for when the time comes to multiply as the group grows to 11 or more.  

One Focus in Mind...


A Resurrection Family holds each other accountable in Unconditional Love. 

In this way it is intentional about making Disciples of Jesus Christ for the Transformation of the world. 

It is always emphasized that  Resurrection Families are first and always spiritual in nature.

Quarterly Leaders Meeting


The "Connection Leaders" gather together quarterly with the Sm Groups Coord.  to be accountable just as members are accountable to the small group leaders.  

Prayers are shared, insights explored and mid-range goals are set for each Resurrection Family.

"Neighborhood" Gatherings


As the groups grow, Resurrection Families with similar affiliations gather once or twice a year to share the results of their mission project, pray for each other and celebrate what the Holy Spirit is doing in their lives. 

Keep the Fire Going


Spiritual Growth is the most important component of the Resurrection Family Accountable Small Groups Commitment.  

The Leaders at all levels must realize this and all be in the same page.  

Existing groups can take on the framework, but it works best when a new group is gathering and all commit 

to the ultimate goal of a faith life together.

Start up / Renew Groups


There are a number of models for start up / renewal of your small groups commitment. 

• The most successful is a day long 

"Turbo Group" training.  Potential Leaders gather, and spend significant time in a small group discussion 

under the guidance of the Workshop leaders. 

Follow up gatherings can solidify the training and raise the confidence level.

• Accountable Small groups can also start with one simple group under leadership of the pastor and grow from there..

• Finally, existing groups can decide to transition into an accountable "Resurrection Family." 

Start the Process today!


Call or Email Pastor Terry TODAY! 

to being the process of a Free consultation regarding how best to build an Accountable Small Group Commitment.

Next steps will be tailored to your context, leadership and potential small group members.

Follow up consultations with your core leadership and small group connection leaders will be available until you are comfortable being "on your own." 

Prayer will surround each and every step! 

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