What to Expect

A Quiet Day away is a time of silence and inspiration

We go to a variety of settings: 

retreat centers, camps, churches, parks and conference centers 

that are separate and away from the busy-ness of the world. 

Often these settings will have a Stations of the Cross, 

a meditation garden, a Labyrinth, 

a short trail to walk, and/or a prayer chapel.  

We arrange permission to use any and all of these devotional resources. 

The schedule will often include worship with the community 

that may be on the site as well as lunch. 

A refreshment table is provided in our meeting room.

For those new to contemplative prayer, 

we offer introductory materials and instruction,

perhaps with a time scheduled in the week before,

always on the Quiet Day itself. 

We begin at 9 am and conclude at 3 pm.  

Free time is a part of our schedule 

for you to explore the grounds of the center.

During our Quiet Day we will:

          • Gather and have an Introduction to Centering Prayer.

                    (A special intro will also be held for those new to Centering Prayer.)

              Followed by a 20 minute "sit" in contemplative silence.

             Readings and inspirational material on Prayer is shared.

          • An hour of alone time for personal prayer, journaling and contemplation.

          • At Noon, we have the option to join the community for mid-day worship

          • Lunch is served from 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm 

              Followed by free time for our own exploration 

         • A final 20 min "sit" in contemplative silence is held.

         • At the end of the day there will be a time of sharing, 

             followed by a closing prayer to send us on our way back home. 

We know that you will find this time refreshing and soul-touching. 

You are welcome to bring journals, bibles 

and any other divotional to use during the free time.  

Please join us, 

and bring friends who are seeking a brief but renewing time away 

from all the activities of the world. 

               Next Saturday Quiet Day  will be scheduled for Spring 2020  



The pond at St. Andrew's Abbey with benches and paths to walk in quiet and solitude.
The pond at St. Andrew's Abbey with benches and paths to walk in quiet and solitude.

Centering Prayer Retreats

"Centering Prayer Retreat"  Often a quiet day at St. Andrew's Abby in Valyermo.  

Please download this flyer from our last Quiet Day to see typical details

Next Saturday Quiet Day will be in the Spring of 2020

Centering Prayer Retreat flyer 10-2019 (pdf)


Centering Prayer /2020 Europe Back-to-back Bulletin insert (pdf)