An introduction to the Taizé Community

Take a few moments and you'll see what the Community at Taizé is so deeply powerful.

A Weekend in Taizé, 3 days in Paris


Friday, Jul. 31 Taizé

Travel from Rome to Lyons by air, TGV to Mâcon, bus to Cluny.

Check into lodgings in Cluny

Saturday, Aug. 1 Taizé

Spending the day in the Taizé Community, learning, praying, quiet time.

Sunday, Aug. 2 Taizé

In Taizé: Eucharist in the morning. Prayer and meditation in the afternoon.

Monday, Aug. 3 Paris

Leave Taizé and travel by TGV (High Speed Train) to Paris, transfer to Hotel.

Spend the day and evening in Paris.

Tuesday, Aug. 4 Paris

Hotel and Breakfast in Paris – Optional ½ day panoramic tour of
city (9 – 12 pm or 1-4 pm)

Wednesday, Aug. 5 Paris

Hotel and Breakfast in Paris - Optional Normandy Day Trip (Full Day)  

THURSDAY AUG 6:  Travel day to USA

You'll want to know...

Travel arrangements:

We will be working with the EO organization to provide all the transportation costs, baggage handling, tips and other amenities of the trip.

What's the Cost?

We're still working on the details but here's a rough estimate:

Total for trip extension:  $1,858

  • Flight from Rome to Taizé 
  • Fri-Sunday (3 days) in Taizé
  • Cluny to Paris  Bullet Train
  • 3 days in Paris 
  • Optional Trips to Normandy and/or 1/2 panoramic tour of Paris.

Staying in Hotels

Hotel and other accommodations are available nearby in Cluny and other villages.

We'll have more details on this as we will be using the Hotels in Cluny. 

Transportation will be provided for our activities in Taizé.

Accommodation: Tents, dorms and Hotel in nearby Cluny

1. Bring own tents.  

2. Use Taize dorms: comprise bunk-bed indoor dormitories (6-8 places) and tent dormitories (20 places). 

There are shower and washing facilities on site for use by campers and those in dormitory accommodation. 

3. We'll be making arrangements to stay in Cluny France with transportation provided to the weekend activities.


All meals are provided and some dietary requirements can be provided for – please contact the community through your registration to discuss any dietary requirements your group might have. 

Extra Items to bring

Pack light and do not bring valuables. 

  • ŸJournal: paper and pen
  • ŸBible
  • ŸFlashlight (and spare batteries)  
  • ŸRain gear – there can be thunderstorms. 
  • ŸSun cream and sun hat 
  • ŸPaper and pen 
  • ŸMusical instruments 
  • ŸSpending money – (Euros)