Spiritual Counseling & Christian Coaching


Spiritual Direction

"Spiritual direction (and Spiritual Counseling) is, in reality, 

nothing more than a way of leading (coaching) us

to see and obey the real Director — the Holy Spirit 

hidden in the depths of our soul."

                                             Thomas Merton, Trappist monk, USA

Joanne Van Hook has completed the three year course in Spiritual Direction from Mt. Saint Mary's College in Los Angeles in 1999.  She has been directing the spiritual journeys of many people since then. 

Pastor Terry in an ordained United Methodist Minister and has a Doctorate of Ministry from Claremont School of Theology  (1977).  He has been directing the spiritual journeys of  many people since then.


Christian Coaching

"Spiritual counseling is an approach to the practice of professional coaching--whether focused on personal or professional growth--

that integrates the biblical worldview when working with clients 

to recognize their potential, reduce anxiety and loneliness, and effect personal change." 

                                                 - Christian Coaching Network

Pastor Terry has finished the core classes on coaching and is now working on his certification. He has clients and is taking new clients. 


From "The Sabbath Life" website

1. Self-awareness Coaching

2. Address Mental Health issues like: anxiety, loneliness and depression

3. Spiritual Counseling

4. Better Questions 

5. Hear "you're normal"

6. Reconciled/Forgiven relationships

7. Clarity about decisions and purpose

8. New language about God

9. Hearing a new Story

10. Receive the gift of presence

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A spiritual counseling relationship that can coach you into insight, wisdom, faithfulness, direction and meaning in your life, reducing anxiety and lonliness.

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