Pilgrimage Travel, Retreats & Adult Mission Trips

International Pilgrimages


Besides our 2020 trip to  Assisi, Rome, Paris, Taizé and Oberammergau, we're planning an Aegean Cruise of the New Testament cities of Paul, A Wesley/England Heritage Tour, Japan & China and Africa.  Be sure to get on our Mailing list to hear all about these trips as soon as possible. 

Local Weekend Retreats


Every few months we'll have a weekend retreat within close driving distance.  Be sure to be on our mailing list and join us at some of the great places for retreats in the West. 

Convenient One-Day trips


There are many places in Southern California that is a short drive away.  Mountains, Beaches, Deserts, Lakes,  Streams and Forests all provide a "day away" with God. In addition, many Retreat Centers provide "day use" for quiet, contemplation and insight. 

5 day Retreats and more!


There are many Retreat Centers within a days drive of Southern California that provide quality housing, meals and a restful environment.  We'll be offering week long retreats with various topics and seminars. 

Adult & Family Mission Trips


More and more adults are taking their vacation time to reach out and help others. They  are looking for places they can really make a difference.  

Adult Mission Trips provide an opportunity to join with others in helping others, time to reflect on the presence of God, and campfires to warm the soul.  

Whole families join together for a weekend or a week of service, sharing and daily prayer for and with those who share. 

It may be as close as your neighborhood, or entail travel to a distant land, but you have the gifts, graces and resources to make a difference in another persons life.  

All  you need is the trust/faith to step out of your comfort zone. "Come in Faith, with Love, to Serve." 

Neighborhood Prayer Retreat and Pilgrimage - Pilgrimage FAQs


You can have a Day of Silence, a neighborhood prayer walk, a pilgrimage of study and prayer through your community or an outreach event at your local park. Participants become aware, trained and ready to lead others in future events to renew and revitalize your congregation.

Questions about going on a Pilgrimage, Retreat, Mission Trip?  Your answers are all here.