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Agapé Journeys specializes in the journey of the spirit.

God has blessed us with an amazing gift: an eternal spirit. 

We can celebrate, explore and develop that spirit 

or we can denigrate, ignore and destroy that spirit. 

We have the choice.  (That too is a gift from God.) 

Agapé Journeys is all about 

recognizing this deep gift of grace from God in Jesus Christ 

and living a faithful life in the 21st Century.

Join us on the pilgrimage of a lifetime... and more! 

Discern and discover the dream God has for you.

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Agape Journeys™

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Local Prayer Pilgrimages


Local Prayer Pilgrimages

Local Prayer Pilgrimages

Local Prayer Pilgrimages


Local Prayer Pilgrimages

Our Prayers for you


Our Prayers for you

Local Prayer Pilgrimages

Our Prayers for you


Are you ready to take a life changing pilgrimage?

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