A Growing Sport that's easy and accessible

Need some active "De-Stressing" Time

     We're gathering some folks connected with the UMC here in Southern California who would like some low impact, but great cardio exercise.  It's like Golf, but doesn't cost anywhere near ball golf costs.   Mostly the courses are free and a set of beginning discs is around $40.

     We hope you can take the time to have some fun with this game.  Be sure to give us your email with the button above. 

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     Disc Golf has been around since the 1960's when "Frisbee" players played golf like rounds using trees, telephone poles, mailboxes and other pole type markers for "holes".

     In 1968, George Sappenfield, a newly minted Parks and Recreation Supervisor for Thousand Oaks, CA, organized the first recorded tournament using Frisbee discs landing in Hula Hoops. (all Wham-O products of course.) 

      In 1966, “Steady” Eddie Hedrick is considered the "father" of the sport. A Wham-O employee, he had patented the original Frisbee design, and in 1975 he patented the familiar Chain and basket pole design.  Of course he began organizing regular games!

     He helped to have  installed the first official disc golf course installed at Oak Grove Park in Pasadena, CA (Near La Cañada/Flintridge, next to JPL) The targets were simply permanent poles placed into the ground.  The more familiar Disc Golf Pole Holes would later replace the poles in the ground in 1976, causing a massive increase in disc golf popularity and play.

     Fun Fact: In 1974 the City of Rochester, New York organized the first national Disc Golf Championship with a brand new 1974 Datsun B210 as first prize!

A sport that's approaching the 50 year mark.  Great for all ages and capabilities.

A sport that's approaching the 50 year mark.  Great for all ages and capabilities.

Places We Play



Directions & Info: Veterans Park



Directions & Info: Oak Grove (in HaHamonga Park)

near JPL and La Cañada/Flintridge 

First course with basket holes in nation.


Santa Clarita

Directions & Info: Central Park


Mission Hills


Simi Valley

Directions & Info: Sequoia Park



Directions & Info: Desert Sands Park

A great summary of how it is to play Disc Golf

From Driving off the tee, to approach shots, to putting, this short video gives you a feel for the game.  Young, Old, men, women, out of shape, athletic... everyone can play. 

Brief Instructional Video

There are lots of Youtube videos and Vimeo videos you can watch to get some beginning instruction.  Here's a sample.  Google lots more:  "Disc Golf Instruction Youtube Vimeo." Find one on grip, that the most important part after you get the basic motion.